Lochside Regional Trail – Fastest Know Time (out and back)

I ran the Lochside Regional Trail as an out and back run. Is it the fastest time ever run? Probably not. Is it the Fastest Know Time? It is now, because its on the internet!! Am I pretty darn pleased with the run? Yes.

Some stats: 36.44 miles (58.65 km); Total time 4:43:21; Pace 7:46/mi (4:48/km)

I fuelled with gels, nuun tabs, one snicker bar and water. I stashed the water on the route and thankfully they were all where I left them when I needed them. And yes, I picked up my empties and extras when I was finished.

Before and after – I’ll let you guess which one is which!

This run was a break though for me. Not only did it go well in terms of pacing and fuelling but I felt really strong mentally. It’s a bit of a soul crushing route – lots of long boring straightaways and not tons on scenery. I knew to run well there would be no stopping and no walking, which I’ve never accomplished on a run of this length. To put the pace into perspective I went through the marathon in about 3:20 and 50k in 3:58. This might be one of the few times I way exceeded my expectations.

Oh yeah, there are some big piggies on the run…