Oh Baby! 50K

So, what do you do when all your races are canceled, you are a stay at home parent, and you want to run a 50K? Well, you run the Oh Baby! 50K, of course! In essence, my goal was to run 50K between Keshet napping and Keshet in the stroller. So not a true 50K, but who cares man! I felt pretty confident that I could go the distance, but could the baby go the distance? Oh yeah, she woke up at 5am!

So, to the dismay of my mother, I put her down for a nap, watch her on the baby monitor and run very close to my house…she slept for 1.5 hrs, so I was able to get in about 9.5 miles or 15 kilometres.

Strava Don’t lie!
What a good nap!
Proper fuelling is crucial to any good ultramarathon performance!

As any parent knows, keeping your baby well-fed is hard, keeping yourself well-fed is nearly impossible. This would catch up to me later in the day. I basically fuelled on kombucha and goldfish crackers…

Time for some stroller running!
Over halfway there!

Somehow, we squeezed in nearly 7 miles or 11 kilometres for the run. I think that is a record for Keshet.

Getting there!
Another good nap!

Another great nap performance and I got in about 9.5 miles or 15 kilometres!

Don’t make me go running again!!!

Heading out for our last stroller run. Only 8.5K to go, but she was cranky, it was hot, and I had hardly eaten all day…we made it, but it wasn’t pretty!

50K done!

Well, we did it! It got hard at the end, but it was super fun! Running time was about 4hrs 45mins and overall time was about 8hrs 15hrs. I’m really proud of myself for making this happen. I love ‘big days.’ There will, G-d willing, be many more ‘big days’ of running in the mountains and on trails, but the Oh Baby! 50K really was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of day…

Keshet was less than enthusiastic about her accomplishment!