Squamish50 Orientation Run

IMG-0012Wow, that was awesome!  Yesterday, I ran 21K of the Squamish 50K course with about 150 other runners.  It was a beautiful day, with perfect running weather.  I was a bit nervous to start, mostly because it was all pretty new to me.  Once I got checked in, and especially once I was running, I felt relaxed and all smiles.

The running part felt really great, mostly.  There was a big downhill section that really seemed to take it out of me.  Also, there was some snow and ice that I ran really slow over.  The second half of the course was more rolling hills and snow free.  The running here felt amazing.  It took me longer than I had expected, finishing around 2.5 hrs.

Even though this was not a competitive run – I did notice that I was comparing myself to others.  And I definitely ran faster at the end because I was running with other people.  But this little bit of competitiveness was mostly fun.  And I didn’t let it dictate my day.  I went out super easy for the first 10K – stopping to make adjustments and chatting with people along the way.

Some things I learned from the run:

  1.  Downhill running is hard.  I will need to do more of this.
  2.  The overall pace may be a bit slower than I am anticipating.
  3.  Running is really fun, especially trail running with 150 people.
  4.  My pre-race breakfast didn’t really do the trick – I felt a bit off for the first hour of the run and super hungry at about the 2 hour mark.