I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Jacob Haas over the past year through the WE Run Club in Hamilton, Ontario. To say Jacob has helped me take my running to a new level would be an understatement! Previously, running for me was an outlet to blow-off steam after work and to maintain my cardiovascular health with age. Now through Jacob’s mentorship, I am equipped with a suite of tools or workout types including fartlek, tempo and interval training that are enabling me to run farther and faster.

In 2022, with limited racing experience, I competed in Hamilton’s Around the Bay 30K road race, the Chase the Coyote 25K trail race in Mono Cliffs, and the Hamilton Half Marathon. Most notably, in May I competed in the Sulphur Springs 50K trail race in Dundas, Ontario without ever competing in a full marathon (42K). Not only did I finish, but I placed 21st out of 152 with a time of 5:07:47!

I owe a great deal of gratitude to Jacob for helping me achieve these accomplishments (dreams, really!), but above all, for introducing me to trail running. I am more confident than ever that the natural world is best explored at a runner’s pace J

Thanks, Jacob!

“I’ve been running for 20+ years and running races for 15 of those. I’ve always considered myself an informed runner. Meeting Jacob exposed many barriers to meeting my running goals, and to achieving them with a healthy body and mind. After 15 stubborn years, I started working with Jacob and this is the outcome thus far: I changed my mindset and flipped my training on its head. I’m consistent. I’m mentally tougher on race day. I’m doing the right combination of training sessions. I’m resting when I should and finally slowing down on recovery runs. I’m reaping the rewards of activating my muscles. I have improved hip flexibility and have a greater range of motion. I feel energized and excited about running again! “

“I had a bit of imposter syndrome when I first considered hiring a run coach. I was far from elite but looking to turn the needle and crush some big goals.

Jacob was engaged with my goals from our first meeting. His approach is relaxed but effective. Jacob programs goal-oriented workouts so that time on feet is always productive. I felt a huge difference in race day preparedness and performance without a massive increase in training volume. He gave me the guidance I needed to train smarter.

Weekly check-ins provided insight on upcoming workouts and an opportunity to debrief the previous week. As I worked through an injury, Jacob kept me motivated and positive and checked in often to ensure I was responding to our modified training plan.  Jacobs has a holistic approach to coaching and takes time to discuss the importance of cross-training, nutrition, mindset and recovery. I toed the start-line with confidence, feeling stronger both mentally and physically thanks to Jacob!

I’m so grateful for Jacob’s support and for cheering me on (cowbell and all!). His commitment to his athletes and passion for running really shows.

If you are looking for a coach, look no further! You will not be disappointed.”

“Jacob Haas is a friendly, patient, supportive and encouraging coach. In the roughly one year I’ve known him in my run club, he has demonstrated knowledge, patience, respect, determination and a passion for running that inspires all of us, whether beginner or elite. He gave me some solid advice as I prepared for the Hamilton Road to Hope Marathon this year, the first marathon of my life, and I’m so thankful for that advice. I really believe his recommendations and encouragement assisted me greatly in completing that marathon. Not only is he knowledgeable about the mechanics of running but nutrition, as well. If you want to be a better runner or you want to start and are looking for a coach, I recommend Jacob. He knows his stuff and he’s very respectful and kind while imparting his knowledge!”  

Jacob has been a really calm, supportive and clear running coach. As a stay at home father I didn’t think I would be able to really push my running to a new level. But Jacob worked with me to find a system that worked in my schedule and with my stroller. It never felt like a cookie cutter plan but something specialized to who I was as a runner and a person. I now feel like I have a lot more confidence in my running ability and see more clearly where I can grow. It’s a great feeling.

I have always wanted to be a “runner” but I wasn’t sure where to start or how to do it. Jacob’s coaching has been a game-changer for me. I feel accountable to him and his strategic plans make it easy for me to understand how to build my cardiovascular endurance without getting hurt. I track every run and seeing the electronic “kudos” from Jacob every time I finish makes me realize that there is someone who cares about my success and growth as a runner and is committed to ensuring I don’t get hurt, which without a plan I’m not sure would be the case. Jacob’s long-term commitment and knowledge of running is what makes him so valuable as a coach. Watching him do a 100km run really motivates me to get my 5 kilometres in!