Personalized Running Coaching

Whether you are new to running and want to finish a 5K, hit a personal best in the 10K, training for a 100 miles, or anything in between we are here to help.

The only requirement I have for runners: you must have a specific race or goal your are working towards. If you don’t – we can create one together.

The secret to running is that no ‘accomplishment’ will be forever satisfying – so you must enjoy the process. Running can be truly rewarding. It brings you health, happiness, camaraderie, a sense of accomplishment, a chance to test your limits and development mental toughness. Here at Run Forever Coaching we don’t just send you workouts, we coach the whole runner.

The focus of our coaching is really process oriented. We want to train and run in a way that feels in tune with your body and doesn’t end up feeling like a chore – or even worse, something you don’t like doing, but for some reason still do it.

Coaching includes:

Weekly individualized training plan w/ strength and flexibility work

Weekly check-in, via phone or video call

Ongoing email communication throughout the week to answer all of your questions and concerns

During these check-ins you will be supported as a runner and a person. Here we will discuss the weekly training plan, nutrition, running successes, running disappointments, burnout, goal setting, injuries, chronic pain, planning for races, race day, trail running, road running, planning epic trail runs, and really anything you want! We are here to help and love talking about running and life and the intersection between the two!!

New Option: ‘Team’ Coaching

This is a great option, say if you and a few friends were training for a fall half marathon.  It is the same idea as an individual but as a small group.  Weekly training plans (there would be ranges to fit the needs of the group) and weekly check-ins with the team.  So basically, it’s a little less personalized version of the standard coaching.

Cost $100/person (minimum three runners)