Well, that was hard! I entered the One Track Mind 24hr track race thinking running 100 miles would be no problem. Boy was I wrong! I thought that the biggest challenge would be mental and running on a flat track wouldn’t be physically as challenging as say a mountain trail ultramarathon. So wrong. After about 50 miles of running in circles, I could run no more. I managed to walk another 18ish miles, but I literally could not pick up my legs to run. My quads were entirely shot! But I thought quads get beat up when running downhill? WTF! In the end I ran for 15hrs and about 68 miles (68.68 according to my watch). When I dropped out I was going slower and slower and I just couldn’t see myself walking for another nine hours! I did fully feel disappointment. I wanted more out of the run and my body/mind but it wasn’t to be.

I do feel proud of myself. It’s rare that we set goals and objectives that we have a pretty good chance of not achieving. I’m proud of myself for putting myself in a really tough situation and knowing I might not finish. I am also proud of myself (us) that I raised over $1,000 for Help Fill A Dream.

I also can’t express how impressed and inspired I was by all the runners. People were working so freaking hard and giving it their all. What else can you ask for? It was really an amazing experience. Felt like I was really living life, ya know??

Below are some shots from the day

Daycare drop-off
very underwhelming covid start line
Running with the famous Gerry Hughes who ran over 550 kms in 6 days