• Getting from here to there…planning for success

    Where do you start when you are planning training? Do you start from where you are and work to where you want to be? Or, do you start with where you want to be and then work backwards to where you are at now? Might I suggest the later? The ultimate objective is a certain […]

  • Pick Your Poison 50k recap (’23)

    Due to an Injury, my legs came into this run under-trained. Started to feel my quads like 10 miles in. Last 7 miles my mantra was ‘do not walk, just keep running.’ I have learned the hard way that even if you are running super duper slow, it’s still faster than walking! Take aways: 1. […]

  • ‘Smoke Signals’ Radio Show Segment

    The segment was an hour and it flew by! We barely scratched the surface – could have been a two hour segment. Thanks Donna for inviting me on!

  • Running Mechanics and Why they Matter Workshop by We Run Club and Coach Jacob

    1. Some theory2. Lots of movement activities3. ‘Take home’ workouts and strength routines4. A tiny bit of fun will be had…5. Bonus: Are ‘super shoes’ right for me? April 1st @ 1:30pmBernie Morelli Gym$10 to help cover the cost of the gym rental Sign up here

  • What is a race plan?

    To boil it down – the race plan has two points:

  • Go big!!

    “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat” Teddy Roosevelt

  • WE Run the Bruce (Trail) In the News!!

    Hamilton runners to take to Bruce Trail for ultra-relay race We Run the Bruce will raise money to support marginalized women who are survivors of violence A group of Hamilton runners will be hitting the Bruce Trail this spring to raise funds to support marginalized women who are survivors of violence. The run project, titled […]

  • WINTER SPECIAL – 1st Month Free!

    Until March 31st 2023, first month of coaching is FREE. This offering is meant to support those who are on the fence about trying a coach. If you have any doubt, give it a shot! You will get faster at running, learn a lot, and have fun:)

  • Low pressure way to pace your progressive run!

    Progressive runs are bread and butter training runs. They work on lactate threshold while, typically, are not too demanding. There are many ways to structure a progressive run (cut down the pace each mile/km, cut down the pace each third or quarter, etc). Next time try this: Set your watch so it shows your ‘average […]

  • 24hr track run (but the 15hr version) recap

    Well, that was hard! I entered the One Track Mind 24hr track race thinking running 100 miles would be no problem. Boy was I wrong! I thought that the biggest challenge would be mental and running on a flat track wouldn’t be physically as challenging as say a mountain trail ultramarathon. So wrong. After about 50 miles […]

  • Lochside Regional Trail – Fastest Know Time (out and back)

    I ran the Lochside Regional Trail as an out and back run. Is it the fastest time ever run? Probably not. Is it the Fastest Know Time? It is now, because its on the internet!! Am I pretty darn pleased with the run? Yes. Some stats: 36.44 miles (58.65 km); Total time 4:43:21; […]

  • Does running make you happy?

    So my running is going great, I’m getting into better and better shape, running faster, healing an injury, reaching my weekly running goals, etc. – but I fear I am falling into a trap. The trap is this – if I achieve big things in running, I will be happy and feel good about myself. […]

  • 24hr track run (but the 15hr version) recap

    Well, that was hard! I entered the One Track Mind 24hr track race thinking running 100 miles would be no problem. Boy was I wrong! I thought that the biggest challenge would be mental and running on a flat track wouldn’t be physically as challenging as say a mountain trail ultramarathon. So wrong. After about […]

  • Oh Baby! 50K

    So, what do you do when all your races are canceled, you are a stay at home parent, and you want to run a 50K? Well, you run the Oh Baby! 50K, of course! In essence, my goal was to run 50K between Keshet napping and Keshet in the stroller. So not a true 50K, […]

  • How to plan your own ultramarathon!

    Three Rivers 100k Were all of your races cancelled?  Yes!  So plan your own. This past Sunday, May 31st, I ran my first 100k.  I dubbed it the Three Rivers 100K.  Check out my Strava link to see why. It was a really great day and a huge accomplishment for me.  It took me about […]

  • Grand Canyon…We’re Really Doing It! Grand Canyon: Rim to Rim to Rim Run

    Genny After reconnecting with my college friend, Genny, at our friend’s wedding, we started scheming up a running adventure.  At first it was running around Mt. Hood, but we missed that window.  When I started planning my spring break I realized I might be able to make the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-Rim run happen.  This had […]

  • Is running mediation?

    I hear people say things like ‘running is my mediation.’  And I’m not really sure what they mean by that.  They might mean something like running makes me feel good, connects me with my body, and focuses my mind.  Well, I guess those things do sound a bit like meditation to me. But I think […]

  • Squamish50 Orientation Run

    Wow, that was awesome!  Yesterday, I ran 21K of the Squamish 50K course with about 150 other runners.  It was a beautiful day, with perfect running weather.  I was a bit nervous to start, mostly because it was all pretty new to me.  Once I got checked in, and especially once I was running, I […]

  • The Voice Inside Your Head

    A few years ago, I was doing a bit of climbing with my partner, Riki.  We were at a crag with some pretty easy climbs.  It was just us at the cliff, when another fellow arrived and began doing some free-solo climbing (climbing without the safety of a rope).  As he was climbing, we could […]

  • Running by Feel

    When I began my running hiatus – there were few options for running watches.  I have always used a simple Timex watch.  It keeps track of overall time, splits, laps, and has a timer and alarm.  Sometimes when I am feeling so inspired, I leave the watch at home.  I remember the first time I […]

  • Running with Joy

    This is the post excerpt.